I, AllA Erawa Viacad Am Being Murdered By The Mental Health Gulag By 156 mg Of Monthly Injected Invega Sustenna, An Injectable Antipsychotic. My ALT (SGPT) Reading At The Beginning Of June 2015 Was 52 Where 40 Is Indicative Of Total Liver Failure. For The Reason, Read On...


9/11 to Kill the Evil Gold Market Saboteur Vampires Who Were Hellbent on Poisoning The Water Supply Forever

Revenge for the gold traders who died trying to sell gold to fight the evil and criminal Bahamanese Gold Syndicate Consortium

Pentagon Pre-Collapse

To explain the necessity of 911 I, AllA Erawa Viacad, must begin with a story, the story of how I convinced the leading land Barons of the world who mostly live in New York to permanently stop poisoning the water supply because the time was rapidly approaching when we would develop the debugging for Cellular Diamond Armor and become capable of colonizing space which I argued was the true purpose of the continued poisoning of the 20th century.

I, Alex Gerhard Beck, my name at the time, was working at the McLean Hilton as a lifeguard but my true duty to the Hotel Industry was as a slut for any good looking girl or woman who stayed at my Hilton. But I don't remember any of the sex because I was and still am a Werewolf(Scroll to Bottom). Unlike most werewolves my Left Brain Houses my Day Walker which was only partially active that day for I was in Night Walker mode the whole time. The McLean Hilton houses in its basement a floor which serves only 1 purpose; to hold meetings for the land barons to decide how the real estate market is to be racketed by the Parent Company Affiliate Network Mob and it is called the clock. The clock is a mechanical computer based on weights and pulleys which calculates who makes money from the Real Estate trades that take place in the large floor on the other side of a parapet from the computer which takes up about 10 x 10 meters. At the top of the parapet stood Baron Von Rothschilde and Baron Rothschilde 9000 and 7000 year old vampires respectively. A large mirror allows those on the floor to see the inside of mirror to see that there is no tampering by thrown weights or reknotted strings. During that day the Barons and lords all do betting on the floor for how the submarkets of the Washington Metropolitan district are racketed. During that night everything was computed and the final bets on the 26 or so larger districts commenced to decide what the outer party would poison by drano, supermarkets, hardware stores, shitty construction, crime, policies, and the like.

During the subdistrict trading every person has capital invested in a condo settlement, apartment complex, or houses or must buy into something. What happens when trading occurs for a subdistrict over the period of time after the Land Baron Meeting and before the next ticking of the clock when the Land Barons meet again, is that you can choose to lean from one section to any section in the subdistrict until the sequence of turns is over. At the end of each sequence of turns you can lean the entire district with any other subdistrict. Leaning involves selling a percentage of one section and buying in another section or just getting a cash payout. The common people see a short term low or high in the prices in a subdistrict and buy and sell respectively but in a longer term the prices fluctuate even further in the opposite direction causing the market to be very high or very low respectively wherein the barons sell and buy respectively making money from the enticement that the common peasant sees. The strategy comes in both taking money from the masses and making the right leans to profit from other lords. This is the part of the business that is officially known to commoners in Real Estate, but the true profit comes from racketeering between watersheds for brain damage brings areas down and less or no brain damage brings areas up far better than enticement and occasional panic when areas go to their lowest. That is why the Rothschilde first poisoned districts of Rome with lead back in the days of the Roman Republic. The 2C-W{Water} antibiotic is a combination of Research Chemical Recreational Drugs of the 2C Group mainly 2C-D, using this Antibiotic will actually enhance intelligence of those who drink it, and the leftovers from boiling it is a mildly psychedelic moderate thinking enhancer. Naturally animals' own bacteria would produce something that would help out the animals to perpetuate the bacteria's own survival. This antibiotic should be deployed everywhere because it is the best thing for the animals in the environment.

Barons take breaks from the trading on the floor of their subdistricts while their subsidiaries trade for them in their less important subdistrict trades especially when a variety of their assets should remain mostly frozen. So the strategy of the "Military Faction" was to convert the Barons into depoisoning everything around and inside the beltway and lessen the poison in the outer districts and disrupt leans from other cities with new tickings of the clocks to depoison or lessen the poison everywhere until it was fully Depoisoned with 2C-W too. What the opposing faction which included many that walked into the Hilton that day wanted was to poison NW DC and my hometown of McLean, but there was some hesitation and doubt in depoisoning McLean because many diplomats, world bank employees, and CIA agents live in McLean so I argued this point and not that it was a nice place that I grew up in like a petty provincial thinker. Then I argued for full depoisoning based on the fact that the Cellular Diamond Armor software was about to be finished.

The Cellular Diamond Armor(CDA) presentations happened continuously in the pool work out area where I was and was managed by 2 defense contractors 1 black 1 white who worked out at the pool regularly. The black defense contractor held up pictures of the CDA System and the white defense contractor gave out papers to everybody who took breaks to swim in the pool. There was also a regular CDA presentation in a large conference room run by a 4 star general. During the regular 30 minute presentation vampires were screaming at the general that it was all a trick to make us lose money or "why do we have to do this?" and he converted many into depoisoning for the sake of our future space colonization. My primary argument was that CDA was the new plate mail or new riffle and that without it humanity would be like leather to plate mail and lance, like plate mail to riffle, and like riffle to a fighter jet or tank. I convinced people all morning and early afternoon until the leading nonRothschild Baron, Baron Von Liechtenstein arrived. He saw me as the leading unmarried wetlander werewolf of the Washington Metropolitan Area and was thinking of marrying me to his 9 year old daughter who renamed herself Lady Valkyrie when she decided to marry Lord Fauquire later that night.

Acting like a humble servant of the Vampire Conclave, I convinced Baron Von Liechtenstein of the criticality of CDA and immediate need for depoisoning due to our soon to happen colonization of space on Winter Solstice 2012. For what I convinced him of goto SkyNet.html and contorl-f VietCong. Even though he was convinced he still parlayed with the Rothschilde to confirm that the depoisoning was to occur and that I had stated the plan. After the Sun set it came time to determine the final poisoning and leans between the districts. Baron Von Liechtenstein said I might be right 50/50 in order to make money from the losers. I gave my final speech, and the Rothschildes equivalently remained hesitant as to which side they were on despite harassment from the crowd to pry into their plans. Everybody set their bets with %75 of the lords supporting my Military Faction and %25 supporting the forever poisoning movement.

The clock actually is the readout of the analogue computer and has a general range from 45 degrees left to 45 degrees to the right and is a rod that rotates from an axle at the bottom. To the right represents depoisoning to the left poison forever. From left to center is an exponentially decaying function representing how much money is put towards the given operation. From center to right exponentially increasing. This exponential decay is both natural to the construction of the computer and purposed to show slightness when the needle is towards the center.

Baron Von Rothschilde yelled out who the tick is for then flips the switch on the computer. The clock first ticked for everybody in the room once the final bets were in. The tick was about 20 degrees to the right. I, Liechtenstein, and the crowd cheered moderately with mild booing about. The most important Barons have their own ticks from least important to most important. Most of those ticks were to depoison and had mild cheering from the crowd and the couple of ticks to the left caused booing in the crowd. Everybody knew that all of Baron Von Liechtenstein's money went to the right so there was virtually no noise when that ticked as everybody waited in hesitation for how the Rothschilde estates would tick.

When the Rothschilde Estates swung all the way to the right forever depoisoning the water supply the crowd roared uproariously. It was then that everyone knew that this depoisoning was going to happen for certain and when the clock closed it was about 26 degrees to the right of the center.

Later that year just under 1/4 of the land barons opposed the deals made at the final ticking of the clocks for every city and were trying to stop up the gold market by preventing Larry Silverstein from selling and bartering gold to China. Larry (along with hundreds of other people so don't try to do anything bad to Larry Silverstein) gave the green light to cause 911 and the gold was shipped to China anyways, it just had to be melted out from the rubble of the WTC which the Chinese happily accepted recycling. There were so many rumors about that all of the good Vampire Lords did not come to work that day, and the bad ones who are were all stupid, thought that such a thing would never happen and because of the mass disinformation campaign in the conclave network they figured it was just a rattling of sabers to get them to allow the legal gold trade. History tells the tale that when I rattle my saber you had better listen for the sword of JIHAD MAY SMITE YOU REBEL SCUM! for the sword of jihad may strike even if has been rattled for centuries and has never been stained with the blood of infidels. The elevators were disabled from going up or coming down from the upper floors. Bin Laden's suicide hassassins were submachinegunning in the stairwells that were not on fire in the upper floors keeping everybody in the floors above where the plane struck from evacuating the building. Gasoline Fireworks were planted by these same men to make it seem like the fireball would penetrate through all the buildings walls and central steel support columns. Praise be to AllA they were victorious and had many women in Fuad's afterlife before they were or will be reincarnated.

Thus much of the remaining will of the evil vampire betrayer SEC scum was broken and many enemies of freedom smitted by the holy power of fire, C-4, and thermate.


View my unmodified earliest Spam out from 2004 which is in many ways obsolete, sometimes contradictory to the rest of the page, has some historical things that are not yet proven, and may have minor errors: SeedingTheResistance

Bending heated steel is like bending forged steel and allows dislocations in the metal alloy's globular crystalline structure, which could cause column ripping, to be removed regardless of the bend in the columns. Thus the columns on the floors that first "pancaked" would dampen the fall of the top of the building and prevent the building from falling further except the twin towers would topple over horizontally rather than looking like a controlled demolition. Why else would controlled demolitions take out each and every story's interior and exterior columns if buildings would just "pancake" down from 1 floor being taken out?


Unified Pentagon Theory posted by me in 10/24/2004 under the Alias Kalki777.


In Truth Allah Caused 911, I AllA Caused 911

Transcript of AllA causing nine eleven:

AllA: “This is Pentagon Command reporting to Norad and FAA primary operators. Come in.”

Federal Aviation Administration(FAA) Lead Operator: “Your coming in clear.”

Leading Norad Commander: “Roger that.”

AllA: “This is the primary FFO operator, there will be a number of high level Pentagon War drills today.”

FAA Lead Operator: “State the nature of these drills.”

AllA: “There will be a number of simulated planes hijacked by terrorists and flown into buildings if they succeed, and we will demonstrate delay in response in terms of both interception and evacuation till just seconds before they hit when we will shoot them down.”

FAA Lead Operator: “This seems extremely suspicious especially since we weren't informed of this drill and why is there such an extreme delay in response of a squadron of 10 F-22 Raptors for both of the world trade center buildings cause they will Hit the top-most floors and kill all of our Fortune 10 Super Geniuses and a squadron of 40 F-22 to protect all of our congressmen. What is the reason for this absurd delay in response?

AllA: "None."


AllA: "[redirects with a silent joystick flights: 11, 175, 93 to their respective targets with a short delay between 11 and 175 and an even shorter delay between flight 93] They are not."

FAA Lead Operator: “I see the first plane diverting, then the second, then the third”

FAA Lead Operator: “Those were real world flights your not going to fly them into buildings are you.”

AllA: “No of course not. The 4 flights are being diverted to certain military Air Bases."

FAA Lead Operator: “How do we know. This drill seems insane I see that the simulated planes look different, can we check with people on the ground with binoculars.”

AllA: “Ok now understand that although those planes are going towards those air bases this operation will have a lot of chatter on your end that will make it seem like the planes have been hijacked are flying into buildings.”


AllA: "For the working of the new e-democracy in the beginning of its implementation the following shall be in effect:

Firstly any Citizen, Person, or in other words Everybody will be able to vote on bills to make laws by democracy and republicanism. A bill may be voted on by a person or that person may designate a representative for the bill or an amendment thereof. Avatared comments aside from government VIPs will be ordered according to positive or negative votes by the people. Representation can be designated according to any combination of bill classification, modification, or any other factor including which section the bill fits into based on vote quantity."

FAA Lead Operator: "Thank God, but I'm still not sure if this is right though.

AllA: "Let me go on then: Short-term inflation and deflation can be explained by supply and demand however if the money trickles up(goes to the rich people) continuously due to price increase(s) everyone will not be able to stay away from bankruptcy thus the previous means of inflation follows. If money trickles down quickly there will be little bit of inflation but for long term inflation in this manner to be sustained money would have to be transferred both ways at a higher and higher rate if inflation were to increase and increase over time, which is unrealistic considering that the economy has a constant amount of money in it considering that the amount of money would remain constant if money was not being printed by counterfeiters. Counterfeiters cannot account for trillions of dollars of increase in years. If inflation/money supply increase by fractional reserve banking were not caused by printing money from nowhere then where would that money come from if we had a gold based economy if it were not coming from a goldmine. To make this even more obvious consider the incredible amount of inflation that has occurred recently when the dollar has become valued oversees and there has been a population increase in America. Counterfeiters eventually get caught if they ever try to go to the big time, and if the governments were getting the money why are they still in debt. The Illuminati bankers are the one’s printing the money, and the newspapers, which don’t report it!

Thus is Inflation by Interest!"

FAA Lead Operator: "Get'n me there man."

The rest of what I said(see the links at the bottom of my Main Page) to convince enough of the elite there and everywhere else relevant allowed I, AllA, to cause 911.

Then 911 occurs..

Missile or Plane that hit the Pentagon

Hole in Pentagon

Deepest Penetration Into Pentagon, Deepest Penetration of the Missile That Hit the Pentagon on 9/11

Pentagon 911 Conspiracy

Missile Turbine, 911 jet engine evidence

Missile Attack Trajectory, 911 Pentagon

911 conspiracy theory, World Trade Center Beams

Camp X-Ray, Guantanamo Bay


Purdue Pabulum

Here is my, AllA Erawa Viacad's, comment to the above Link:

This model could work if it weren't for these things called "walls" which I am pretty sure existed in the WTC during the attack. These walls existed in between the perimeter columns and the central steel support beams which actually did all the holding up of the building. These walls may not seem like they would make a difference to Purdue but as a Physics Post Graduate there is a concept called impulse dampening which would allow these walls if they existed to have slowed and dispersed the paper thin aluminum material wings and the fuselage(not as much as the wings) even if there was still a fireball that broke through the other side. The Fuselage could have taken out a couple of beams in the central steel support structure(the video does not do a good job showing that these beams were farther in and uses the camera angle to make it look like the beams were spread throughout the structure which any 911 conspiracy theorist would know due to the abundance of pictures of the construction of the WTC) but the majority of the beams would remain intact because they are much thicker than anything besides engine parts and things in the fuselage which would be dampened by these "walls". The beams would also conduct the heat up and down the steel SUPER STRUCTURE. This of course was never discussed like all media pabulum it distorts and ignores the real proof. Goto my website http://www.nanofirm.org/freeworldalliance.org/911.html for the real story.


Alexandre Couto de Andrade replied the following:

Why hasn't this study been questioned by any serious scientific or engineering institution? Why are such studies always questioned only by obscure guys who are generally not qualified to analyses the data?
I don't know all the details of the model, but it is really hard to believe that any relevant variables or boundary conditions have simply been ignored.


AllA Erawa Viacad:

When people make fun of Bill O'Reilly they often say 'playing hardball is more than just making fun of the pitcher, you actually have to swing the bat to make the point' I don't know all the details of your male model essence ie whether or not you are lying but it is really hard to believe that my school, JMU is worse than Purdue, and it seems obvious that relevant variables can be OMITTED in something called a "government conspiracy". Please if you are going to play hardball try batting at some points rather than trying to debase people. You know Plato say if your whole argument boils down to; you're wrong because you didn't go to MIT for engineering then the entire argument against the opposing logic chain(proving the original hypothesis at the end of the chain of points) is fallacious. But since nobody knows how good my school is or reads the other pages on my website to see my actual nanotech engineering theories I guess I will just have to link you right to somebody who is from MIT: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z8W-t57xnZg&feature=related and if you are going to bat at something try batting at something small that I understand; nanoparticles shredded by explosives. And no you don't have to go to MIT to understand that shredding concrete into nanoparticle dust requires both thermate and explosives not just feeble Earth gravity.


Alexandre Couto de Andrade:

I neither used "ad hominen" nor "appeal to authority" arguments. Perhaps I did not express myself well.

What I mean is that all over the world there are many many scientists, reporters, engineers, among various other of professionals, who would become almost instantly rich and famous if they could provide reliable evidence to support such theories. Not to mention the fact that their names would be part of history. It would be far more sensational than the Watergate scandal.

The Bush Administration did not manage to cover up many scandals (CIA secret prisons, torture in Irak, the weapons of mass destruction farse, Human Rights violations in Guantanamo). I would not overestimate its capacity to cover up something like the 911 conspiracy, that would be orders of magnitude more difficult to hide.


AllA Erawa Viacad:

Well apparently I did discover your essence as a liar. You did use "appeal to authority" arguments first you debased me as "obscure guy[] who [is] generally not qualified to analyze the data[.]" and then you attempt to convince the reader "[that] it is really hard to to believe that any relevant variables or boundary conditions have simply been ignored" in Purdue's model.

Then I find that my original statement about you being a male model is true because you are more focused on fame, fortune, and "sensational[ism]" than actually debasing the fundamental pillars of the 911 conspiracy. Again try batting at something relevant.

But you did swing the bat once, however the torture scandal that did get exposed is the tip of the iceberg, virtually nobody knows about the subliminal mind control that goes on at Guantanamo Bay which is evidenced by the picture of the Orange People on my previously linked 911 site who are obviously listening to techno music, praying to AllA, and getting Zooed out by fancy visuals so that they will be mind programmed(like Westerners are mind programmed by television programming{which does have subliminals in them}). "The weapons of mass destruction farce" is not a farce and is best dealt with at http://www.nanofirm.org/freeworldalliance.org/NuclearWar.html

Now what I like to see is a point that is neither a lie, a reference to sensationalism, or an OMG there was like a scandal 4 years ago so nothing else must be true, argument.


Alexandre Couto de Andrade:

When I wrote about "obscure guys" I was NOT referring to YOU. I just intended to say that no serious institution has ever questioned the official version of the facts. Why not?

When I wrote about fortune and fame, I was talking about HUMAN NATURE. It is very unlikely that a conspiracy like that would be successfully kept secret. That is not how things work. That is not how humans behave.

When I wrote that it was hard to belive that the model disregarded relevant data, I was just saying that, if there were such elementary flaws, the model would imediately be contested by scientists and engineers all over the world.

By the way, we are not talking about Purdue only. The American Society of Civil Engineers also took part in the study.

This conspiracy must be really something out of this world because it seems to be supported by an ever increasing number of people all over the world, who analyse the data and come to the same conclusions.

At last, talking abautfallacies, although you criticize me for using "ad homini" arguments, you insulted me a lot in you comments. Is that the way you intent to corroborate your claims?


Alexandre Couto de Andrade:

Please allow me to make an additional comment about what you wrote:

"This model could work if it weren't for these things called "walls" which I am pretty sure existed in the WTC during the attack"

Well, the animation really does not show walls. It does not mean that they where not taken into consideration in the model. And even if they were indeed not considered, one could question if they are really so relevant. First of all, their function is NOT STRUCTURAL in oposition to columns and beams. In addition to that, walls are realtively frigile. You can break a wall with a hammer. What kind of obstacle would they be for a hundred ton aircraft, at hundreds of mph? During the collapse of the towers, how could they resist the weight of the foors above them?


AllA Erawa Viacad:

Institutions are controlled by Administrators, which is why we have to rely on individual scientists to debase the official story, and they have come out, in droves. Maybe you actually need to do your homework and go to a 911 convention because they are happening all over the world. IT IS NOT SUCESSFULLY BEING KEPT AS A SECRET, which is why everybody is talking about it. The American Society of Engineers is controlled by Administrators, so is Purdue.

Why does the only "sufficient" model come from a university that is LITERALLY just 2 blocks from the Capital Building? This just screams conspiracy. More and more people are getting on the boat because of scientific facts surrounding 911 not because of sensationalism.

I insulted you because you use only fallacious arguments like "everybody would know" when all my friends know and people I meet on the street know as well. You are a liar because you pull the most basic trick of all in your discussions; dictating authority and debasing me as "[an] obscure guy[] who [is] generally not qualified to analyses the data" when I am a physicist who more than qualified to deal with architectural engineering. No "ad hominen" arguments my ass. Walls may be fragile to a hammer made of solid steel hitting it over and over again, but the aluminum frame wings are light and full of fuel mostly, they would not cut through the INNER steel support columns because of IMPULSE DAMPENING which you failed to mention.

In an intellectual foray it is acceptable to use insults when they are not lies however you failed to directly criticize any relevant points of the 911 conspiracy except the walls and you failed to even use my terminology: impulse dampening. The first few walls were sufficiently broken into but what you failed to factor into your equation is that there would be an exponential decrease in velocity caused by the principals involved in the concept of impulse dampening. The dampening would occur at every layer and the fragmentation of the walls would take energy to not only break the covalent bonds but also to accelerate the fragments which would spray randomly into the floors, ceiling, lateral walls as well as the next walls. After the first 8 or so walls and everything inside the building, like desks, cubical's, computers, copy machines file cabinets etc. before the inner support column the wings(or even the fuselage practically which is basically a fireball at this point) would not be capable of CUTTING multiple decimeter thick steel columns. The animation clearly shows the wing cutting these columns. The calculations used to model what we did see ie the exterior columns "[were honestly not fudged at all]" but the rest is warped beyond belief.



Alexandre Couto de Andrade:

The EMPTY weight of a Boeing 767 is between 176,650 lb and 229,000 lb. Imagine something as heavy as that flying at hundreds of mph. Do you have any idea of the magnitude of the kinetic energy that results from such masses and speeds? Not to mention the energy released in the explosion of thousands of gallons of fuel!
Besides, concerning the damage that may be caused by "light aluminum", I do not agree with you once more! Provided the right conditions (high pressure or high speeds, for instance), even light and/or soft materials can cause damage or destroy heavy and/or hard objects. High-pressure water jets are used in the industry to cut metal; the aeronautical industry makes bird-strike tests to make sure that the fuselage of the airplanes is strong enough not to be broken due to the impact with birds; the shock waves generated by an explosion breaks even concrete. That is AIR under high pressure! Pretty light air!


AllA Erawa Viacad:

You mention "Kinetic Energy" and "Explosion" but I fail to see you even mention or delineate any proof through investigation through complex fragmentation based impulse dampening. "High-pressure water jets are used in the industry to cut metal[,] the aeronautical industry makes bird-strike tests to make sure that the fuselage of the airplanes is strong enough not to be broken due to the impact with birds[, and] the shock waves generated by an explosion breaks even concrete", yet birds hitting planes is not relevant to this discussion as that would be a nonfragmentary and small impact and there was only explosions before the buildings fell; right! Or were there explosions in the building that caused the fragmentation. Please make a paragraphs of points to dispute the fragmentation theories and please use correct grammar in your thus far sensational rhetoric.


Alexandre Couto de Andrade:

English is not my mother language. I am sorry for the mistakes (athough this is not relevant).

Concernig the bird strikes, that was just an example intended to show you how pretty soft and light objects can cause serious damage, if the right conditions occur. It is basic materials science.

Regarding the kinetic energy, I only mentioned it because you seem to ignore the magnitude of the ernergy and forces involved.

I will no longer discuss this. I do not have to prove anything. The onus of proof is yours. You are the one who makes the extraordinary claims. If there were irrefutable evidence to corroborate your claims, we would not even be discussing this.

Additionally, if you do have reliable evidence, why waste your time with me? Why don't you send whatever information you have to someone who has the means and power to do something about it?


AllA Erawa Viacad:

The onus of proof is on the Authorities to actually dispute these scientific claims but they have failed like you have failed to factor in impulse dampening in a fragmenting environment, thermal conductivity of steel, and chemical bonds in the nanoparticleized concrete and asbestos. Why Don't the Authorities just actually post here why the theory is wrong. They stand to clear their record and end the dissidence with nothing more than posting.



No part of the official story holds weight, the media never shows the above pictures, and there is no way to even disprove even the most basic evidence like the thermate pools or explain how all the material in the building was powderized despite the fact that powderizing the matter would require more energy then the WTC had in its gravitational potential energy because all of the covalent bonds would have had to have been broken or else it would not be a heated powder cloud but just chunks.


Bush's Response On The Pentagon Impact, Bush's Response On 911 Conspiracy Theories, Bush's Response On September 11th Conspiracy Theories

Unified Pentagon Theory posted by me in 10/24/2004 under the Alias Kalki777.



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